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From The Blog

  • by Marcus Brandon
    The following blog is a modified version of Marcus Brandon's speech given at the 2015 NC Public Charter Schools Association Conferene on July 21, 2015.
    Last week, I had the honor of speaking at the North Carolina Public Charter School Association’s annual conference in Durham. It was a fantastic opportunity to acknowledge the hard work done by advocates and elected officials alike, and bring together the ed reform community in celebration of the accomplishments we’ve made for kids across the state. 

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Great Schools Change Everything

All of our children deserve great schools, no matter their background. CarolinaCAN is a nonprofit education research and policy organization that convenes education leaders across the state and arms them with the information they need to enact policies that will give every North Carolina child access to a great school. Because great schools change everything.

What you’re saying...
  • North Carolina has too many dual systems of education based on a child's zip code. To break the tradition of inequity and provide all students with access to an excellent education, we need multiple partners who are committed to pushing for innovation and evidence-based reforms. CarolinaCAN is a critical partner in this work. The organization will help highlight and promote successful practices from across the state and country to change the conversation about what's possible for North Carolina's children.

    Denise Watts, Executive Director, Project L.I.F.T.
    Jul 7 2013
  • I was honored to serve as interim chair of CarolinaCAN in the group's early development. Together with our partners, we've built an organization whose balanced and research-driven voice could not come at a more important time in North Carolina. Under the leadership of founding executive director Julie Kowal and her board, CarolinaCAN will help ensure that research, best practices and a focus on students' needs are driving education reforms across the state.

    Christopher Gergen, CEO, Forward Impact
    Jul 25 2013